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Aside from general repairs, our services also include superior ECM tuning. Why should your fuel consumption be bound by factory limitations? ECM tunings performed by Orillia Premier Truck & Trailer Inc. are a way to unlock your engine's full potential.

ECM tuning is the superior method to provide the most economical use of your engines fuel. By calibrating and fine tuning the software that allocates fuel management, your engines run more effectively with more power and less fuel.

When our clients in Simcoe County and Muskoka finish their ECM tuning session with Orillia Premier Truck & Trailer Inc. they immediately begin regaining their investment with lower operations and fuel costs. In short you start saving money the instant you finish your ECM tuning. At today's price of fuel, ECM tuning is probably one of the most sensible business moves anyone in the transport and trucking industry can make.

Orillia Premier Truck & Trailer Inc. also offers several additions and modifications for your trucks. We offer superior quality products to our customers. Our Webasto Engine and Bunk heater installations provide warmth for your drivers in colder weather, and with increased anti-idling laws, our bunk heaters provide a safe and inexpensive alternative for your heating needs.

We can also add more power to your engine by using products from PDI, increasing torque and speed. Furthermore we are skilled in working with Trux accessories installations. When it comes to improving your trucking experience, Orillia Premier Truck & Trailer Inc. is the place to go to for a quick and affordable service. For a more detailed look at the quality products we use please visit, truxaccessories.com, Dieselspec.ca and webasto.com.

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