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Orillia Truck Repair and Trucking Services

Orillia Truck Repairs

Orillia Premier Truck & Trailer Inc. is proud to offer a full range of auto repair services to truck owners located in the greater Barrie area.

If you own a truck, you undoubtedly know that you will need to take it in for repairs at some point. Even a regularly maintained truck will eventually need some kind of repair, however simple. If you are located in the greater Barrie area, Orillia Premier Truck & Trailer Inc. can help you get your truck back in working order quickly, efficiently and within budget.


There are few things more unsettling than malfunctioning brakes. If you are driving a truck with failing brakes, you are not only endangering yourself, but every other motorist and pedestrian around you as well. Risking injury or death is not worth it – give Orillia Premier Truck & Trailer Inc. a call without delay!


Is your truck leaning to the right of its own accord? Are you having a hard time negotiating turns, or do you feel an ominous vibration when you are driving at high speed? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to consider taking your truck in to Orillia Premier Truck & Trailer Inc. to take advantage of our steering repair services.


Your truck suspension's takes a lot of abuse over time. Even if you are not in the habit of going off road, your suspension absorbs every little bump along the way, providing a smooth and comfortable ride for you and taking a lot of strain away from your truck's axles. When a problem arises with your suspension, Orillia Premier Truck & Trailer Inc. strongly recommends not delaying an inspection and necessary repairs to help ensure no lasting damage is inflicted on your precious investment.


Your truck's engine is like its heart. Needless to say, if it isn't running, you will be stationary, and if it is running badly, it is only a matter of time before you find yourself walking down the road or putting out an engine fire.


Your battery is an indispensable component of your truck. It makes it run, tick and ignite. Unfortunately, batteries are not eternal, nor are they damage proof. If you need a new battery and are in the Simcoe County area, Orillia Premier Truck & Trailer Inc. can help.


Heating and cooling problems in your truck can not only mean an extremely uncomfortable ride, they can also lead to your car overheating and create more pressing and damaging problems that can prove costly to fix.

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